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What is the color mixer?


Color mixer is a fun 2 hour (approximately) instructed paint session. We invite you to "mix" and mingle with friends and relax with a few beverages while connecting with your inner artist. Now offering our studio we can provide space for private parties, birthday parties, fun family nights, and fundraisers!

Color Mixer is instructed step by step by local artist and freelance graphic designer Lacey French, owner of Lacey Diehl Designs and the Color Mixer. You do not need to be an artist for these classes! Fully instructed and hands on approach will help with learning!

Everything you need to create your masterpiece is provided. 


About the owner - Lacey French

Since the beginning of my life I have always stated I wanted to be an artist. II went to art college at Art Institute of York, PA where I obtained an associates degree in graphic design. Graduating at 19 in Dec 2008 and being given the opportunity to freelance from home has been a wonderful opportunity to be home with my 2 daughters. When my second daughter was on the way I was looking to contribute more financially in order to continue being a stay-at-home Mom. I seen a growth in venue and home paint parties and thought this is exactly what I want to do, teach what I love.


The question I get the most is where did I learn to paint? My eyes were opened when I was a preteen and asked for an oil painting set for my birthday. I would sit in my backyard and paint ( same spot in the picture on this page is taken).  My love has not stopped since then, teaching myself different techniques and mediums.  It's the one activity I can get caught in and express myself.  I LOVE seeing people who never picked up a paint brush fall in love with painting. I had an older couple do a “couples" paint night and a  later her husband pasted away. She said it was one of the last things they created together and she cherished it. I have helped with fundraisers to adopt a child and private paint nights honoring family members they have loss. I find teaching to paint to be such an amazing journey these 5 years.

Not only does this provide me to be able to spend time with my kids, husband and set my schedule but when I am working a lot of time you will see I drag (lol) my mom along to help--- extra mother-daughter bonding time lol. She has become a staple in making this business successful, in both helping me with business decisions, coming up with painting ideas, and being the supply girl during paint parties. I know I wouldn't be able to hold all this together without her.  Thank you for supporting this business and my dreams! 


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