Snow Globe Paint Class Dec 1st 6pm
Color Mixer Studio
997 Hill Top Drive S
Spring Grove Pa 17362
We plan to have some complimentary winter snacks and drinks.
All supplies is provided
Glass jar is approx. 10 inches tall
VERY LIMITED seating CLASS!!! !!!
No artistic ability needed. Help and explaining will be provided!

🎼🎼Do you wanna build a snow globe?
Come on, let's go and paint
I never see you anymore since Covid came through the door.
Its like you have moved far awayyyyyyy! LOL 🎼

Create your own snowglobe jar ( no liquids in the jar), paint your own little house to go inside, and create with different figures and trees! ( light not provided)

$25 Dollars! ( yes cheaper than a normal class!!!)
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Snow globe Dec 1st 6pm color mixer studio


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