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Beach Window May 11  6pm Markets at Hanover
  • Beach Window May 11 6pm Markets at Hanover


    Beach Window
    May 11th 6pm
    Markets at Hanover
    (the front entrance - ballroom/cocktail room)
    1649 Broadway
    Hanover, PA
    CELEBRATE MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND! Bring the beach to your home!
    We are excited to bring a new idea to our painters! Beach Window Painting! YESm this is painted on a REAL WINDOW! Bring your mom, friend, just yourself or someone super special to remind them how much you love them! Spend time together, get food/drinks at the Market and walk away with something beautiful and a moment..... and as always probably alot of giggles!

    LIMITED SEATING! -- This class is very limited! I only have so many windows! 
    Fully instructed- step by step! Don't worry no artistic skills are needed prior to class!
    All supplies provided
    Class is approximately 2 hours long
    Window that example painting is done on is 2.5 feet x 2 feet and we will be providing windows at close to the same size.

    ** Please keep in mind each window is different. Though I am going to do my best to provide close to the same size/shape as possible!**

    $45 per painter
    Register at

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